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Batik, Tie Dyeing, Stenciling, Silk Screen, Block Printing

Stenciling, batik, block printing, tie dyeing, freehand painting, silk screen printing, and a number of novelty decorations such as relief and ball point painting, flocking, and transferring pictures are all covered in the this well-known introduction. If you have ever wanted to create your own fabric designs, from adding stenciled or printed details to creating overall designs with batik or tie dyeing, this book will guide you quickly and easily to the best techniques.

Through over 350 illustrations and complete step-by-step explanations, the author leads you through every step of each technique from gathering materials and creating designs all the way through until the finishing touches have been completed.

This is an unabridged 1977 republication by Dover of the original 1959 edition. 356 illustrations. 198 pages. 6x9 paperbound. Excellent condition.

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